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    The SAP Success Report

    SAP has been around for more than 20 years - so why do so many SAP projects still fail?

    In this groundbreaking research we define the 15 levers that will drive success - or failure - on your next SAP project.


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    Don't migrate to SAP S/4HANA

    Until you've read this research

    With SAP withdrawing support for ECC by 2027 (or 2030 for an additional fee) the pressure is on to move to S/4.


    But your S/4 migration must be more than just a technical upgrade.

    Find out how you can have a better S/4 move in this report. 


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    Will you survive the SAP Skills Apocalypse?

    The SAP industry had a huge boom in the late 90s. Now those skilled SAP consultants are thinking about retirement.

    And, with the pressure on to move to S/4, we could rapidly be approach a skills apocalypse in the SAP industry.

    Understand the scale of the problem in this research.


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    The RISE and fall of SAP's relevance

    S/4HANA has been on the horizon for some time - but many SAP customers are still no closer to deciding what they want to achieve with ERP. Does RISE provide the answer?

    We think otherwise.

    Find out how with a strong CoE, BPML and good business strategy alignment you can achieve transformation through ERP.



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    The Ultimate SAP CoE Guide

    Lots of SAP Customers treat their CoE like a support function - focusing on ITIL and managing tickets. 

    But your CoE can be so much more. 

    Download the Ultimate CoE guide and discover how your SAP CoE can become the driver of transformation in your business.